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Management and Username & Password Retrieval

It is easy to retrieve your username and password or even change it all with our self service account management system. All you need to do is click the link below and fill in any three of the six fields requested.

Click here to manage your AlaskaJobFinder Account or to retrieve or change your username or password

When the system retrieves your account, you can view your account information. If you want to make any changes (change your password, username, e-mail address, etc), just change the information in the field and press the "Make Changes" link in the right column. It is that simple!

Having Problems Accessing Your Account

Here are some suggestions:

1) Only fill in three of the six fields. If you fill in more than three fields, there is a higher probability that it won't find a match. This is because the system will not pull up your account unless there is an exact match in all the fields you filled in.

2) Fill in the three fields that you are most sure about.

We usually recommend people first try:

1) E-mail address
2) Last name
3) Credit card number

*First name is also a good field to use, but just remember you need to use the same variation of your name that you used when you signed up. For example, if your name is Robert, but you also go by Bob, you will need to make sure you type in the one you used when you signed up.

3) Remember you are filling in the information your filled in when you signed up for your account. So if your email has changed, make sure to fill in the e-mail address you put in when you originally signed up.

4) Try a few variations of combinations of three of the six fields. For example if you tried e-mail address, last name and credit card number and the system didn't find a match. Then try first name, last name and credit card number or some other combination.

Account Cancellations

It is easy to cancel your membership online. If you would like to cancel your account, it can be done online by clicking below.

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We thank you for your support of AlaskaJobFinder and are always looking for suggestions for improving our service.