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Bering Sea Crab Fishing Deckhands Unloading a King Crab Pot
Alaska Opilio Crab Fishing Deckhand Sorts through Catch
Fishing Boat Deckhand pull in salmon in net of Alaska Purse Seiner
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AlaskaJobFinder is the leading website for finding fishing industry jobs in Alaska. We specialize in helping people who are looking for Alaska fishing industry employment find rewarding jobs in Alaska.

AlaskaJobFinder covers all major Alaska fishing employment opportunities, including:

Whether you want to work as a deckhand, on an at-sea processor or at a land-based seafood processor, we have you covered. We also cover tender boat jobs and the other Alaska fishing industry support jobs.

The Alaska fishing industry offers lots of great job opportunities for both males and females and previous experience is not necessary for many of the jobs.

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There are lots of reasons why these fishing industry jobs are so popular:

  • Excellent earning potential!
  • Free transportation often provided (from point of hire)*
  • Free or subsidized room and board*
  • Enjoy Alaska’s beautiful scenery & activities
  • Make new friends
  • Learn new skills
  • And more!

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In addition to Alaska fishing jobs, we also specialize in the following jobs in Alaska:

  • Alaska Oil Industry
  • Alaska Cruise Ships
  • Land Tours
  • Alaska Lodges and Resorts
  • Alaska Tourism
  • and a variety of other great jobs in Alaska!

*Benefits will vary by employer. Please confirm your benefits package before accepting employment.

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SouthEast Alaska Salmon Purse Seining Boat Photo

Alaska’s Fishing Industry

The fishing industry is Alaska’s largest private employer and employs over 59,800 people for summer, seasonal and year-round employment (32,000 fishermen, 25,000 seafood processing workers and 2,800 over other fisheries workers). Of these fishing industry workers, more than 33,000 were non-Alaskans in 2018. In fact, residents from every U.S. state worked in the Alaska fishing industry last year.

The state’s fisheries average over $10.6 billion in revenue per year and account for nearly 61 percent of the volume of fish and seafood landed in the United States.

Since a substantial percentage of fish processing and fishing jobs are filled by non-residents of Alaska, many workers are college students and adults who spend a season or two in Alaska earning great money, meeting new friends, and having the experience of a lifetime.

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Alaska Crabbing Deckhand Crew Working on Deck

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AlaskaJobFinder, a division of M&L Research, Inc., was developed to help make your job search as effective and efficient as it can be. For over twenty years M&L Research has been a premier employment research organization specializing in the Alaska fishing industry and other Alaska jobs. The company has helped thousands of individuals find great cannery, processing, and deckhand jobs in Alaska’s lucrative fishing industry.

Our research reports have been widely referred to as the undisputed “Bible” for finding employment in the fishing industry since 1985. Find out how becoming a member can help you find your dream job in Alaska.

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