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Did you know that non-Alaskans hold 57% of jobs in the Alaskan fishing industry? Many people journey to the Great White North and make a living for a season or lifetime working in this cool and exciting industry.

Every year thousands of fishing boats head out into the fish-rich waters off the coast of Alaska to catch fish and make money. These boats all need hard working deckhands to make sure they can catch as many fish as possible. Every boat needs one to six deckhands onboard at all times to make sure they run an efficient ship. When 1,000s of jobs are needed in a billion dollar industry, there are lots of opportunities to earn your keep.

Alaska Salmon Purse Seining, Explained From Start to Finish

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Commercial fishing boats usually specialize in a specific fishing method and catch one or more type of fish. Depending on the fishery and fish species boats fish with either nets, pots or hooks and bait. The top commercial fisheries in Alaska are:

Bristol Bay Salmon Gillnetter Deckhand Crew Harvesting Sockeye Salmon

  • Salmon
  • Halibut
  • Black Cod (Sablefish)
  • Pollock
  • Herring
  • and Crab.

But there are also a number of other species of fish caught commercially in Alaska.

Deckhand usually work on a crew share basis. This means that they share in the profits of the boat. The more fish they harvest home, the more money they make.

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What Does a Fishing Boat Deckhand Do?

Deckhand jobs are a great way to get into the fishing industry. A good deckhand has a sturdy pair of sea legs, is a hard worker and a good crew mate. The duties of a deckhand vary by fishery and fishing method. Some of the duties that deckhand generally handle include:

  • Deals with fishing gear
  • Unloads fish
  • Cleans the catch on some types of vessels
  • Performs general deck duties
  • Moors and secures the boat
  • Lubricates machinery and equipment
  • Repairs ropes and cables
  • Is able to man a life raft

Crab Fishing Deckhands - Bering Sea Alaska

Landing a gig as a deckhand means there is plenty of potential for large paychecks because deckhands are typically paid a percentage of the total catch, commonly called a crew share. Plus you’ll be able to save a bit because there aren’t too many expenses when you live on a boat.

After logging some time as a deckhand, you can move up the crew ladder and work as an Ordinary Seaman deckhand or Able Seaman deckhand on the bigger boats or into the more competitive fisheries such as crab on the smaller boats.

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Alaska Deckhand Fishing Jobs

If you’re ready to get wet, smell like fish, and stay focused then look for work as an Alaskan deckhand. It’s a coveted job where the pay is great, the work is challenging, and the excitement is world class.

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