About AlaskaJobFinder

AlaskaJobFinder is a division of M&L Research, Inc. For over twenty-five years, M&L Research has been a premier employment research organization specializing in Alaska’s fishing industries. The company has helped thousands of individuals find great cannery, processing, and deckhand jobs in Alaska’s lucrative fishing industry.

Based in Seattle, M&L Research, Inc. is located within a few miles of the corporate offices of almost all the major Alaska fishing companies. This proximity makes it much easier for it to stay on top of the “heartbeat” of the industry. They are often one of the first to find out about new developments within the industry, which they then post on AlaskaJobFinder. AlaskaJobFinder has also benefited from the input, contributions, and interviews with over 300 industry insiders, experts, and fishing industry workers.

The company has been the primary research organization behind such titles as The Alaska Employment Program, The Alaska Fisheries Handbook, and How to Find a Job in the Alaskan Salmon Fisheries. Now they have combined all of their research into the website AlaskaJobFinder.com

You have come to the right place to start your search for jobs!

Contact Information:

4701 SW Admiral Way, Suite 4
Seattle, WA 98116


Company Website: www.AlaskaJobFinder.com

Parent Company Website: www.mlresearch.org & www.JobFinderSites.com