Jobs in Fresh Frozen Seafood Processing Plants in Alaska

If you want to work in the Alaska fishing industry, the easiest place to find work is in processing plants. Fresh frozen processing plants are always hiring people for entry-level positions. It’s a great way to get your foot in the door of this lucrative industry.

Fresh frozen processing plants are conveniently located near the active fisheries. This makes it easier for the tender boats and fishing vessels to dock, unload, resupply, and get back to business.

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When boats come to unload their catch, the fresh frozen processing plants buy the fish and process them as quickly as possible. The sooner a fish is processed, the higher the quality. Most plants operate 12 to 18 hours per day.

During the workday, you’ll find yourself either working the slime line or being part of the freezer crew. Can you imagine yourself doing these jobs?

Fresh Frozen Seafood Processing Plant in Sitka Alaska

  • Belly slitter – cut the gut
  • Head Decapitator Machine – guillotine the head
  • Gut Puller – remove guts and eggs
  • Spooning – remove leftover guts and organs
  • Washing – shower the fish with ice water by hand or with a hose
  • Fish Grading – sort the fish by quality
  • Weighing – sort by weight using a scale
  • Sorting – make sure fish are sorted correctly
  • Tray Stacking – place fish on trays and send them to the walk in freezer
  • Glaze Line – covered with a brine solution after fish are frozen
  • Packing room – sorted, placed on pallets, labeled, and ready to ship
  • You may also find yourself working as dock crew, tender boat workers, clean up, forklift driver, truck loader, office staff, or egg house worker. There are lots of jobs that need to be filled at a fresh frozen processing plant.

Every Alaska Processing Plant is Different

Fresh frozen plants come in all shapes and sizes. Some may be remotely located and others may be situated right on the docks of popular ports. Look for ones that have living quarters in the form of dorms or campsites. Some have on-site cafeterias. Try to chat with someone who has worked there before and see if you get a good vibe. And know that you should make about $8,000 in 2 months.

The lifestyle at a fresh frozen processor can be lots of fun. People come from everywhere. They all want to have fun and make money. Over the course of the summer season, everyone forms close friendships and has plenty of good times. Even if the summer job is cold and wet and your rain slickers are filthy, you’ll go home with great stories.

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