Jobs on Charter Fishing Boats

Alaska is big and so are the fish that swim offshore. Legends are told of salmon runs so thick that they blot out the sea and of halibut so large that they must be shot. Any fishing tale you hear might be true if they comes from Alaska – a true sport fishing dream location.

Any true adventure angler wants to fish the pristine Alaskan waters in search of the 80-pound King Salmon or the 300-pound halibut – fish that provide food for weeks and stories for a lifetime. So many people want to experience fishing in Alaska that 2,500 charter boats operate during the boom months of May to September.

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Charter fishing boats appeal to tourists because they offer a chance to go sport fishing with qualified and knowledgeable locals who are also expert fishermen.Alaska Halibut Charter Fishing Photo If you love fishing and want drop your line into the great blue ocean, then you should consider trying to land a job on a charter fishing boat.

Charter fishing boats operate either half or full day charters. A typical day for the crew can last from 4am until early evening. The whole day is fully customized and catered to the clients. As long as you make sure that the client has fun (and hopefully catches big fish), then you will be successful. If you use the right tackle, know where to look for fish, and have a go-getter attitude, then this job is a blast.

Life on a Alaska Charter Fishing Boat

People dream of getting paid to go fishing on a sport fishing boat, so jobs can be hard to find. Be prepared to start working in a processor for a year or two before you meet a captain who will hire you. Crews are small, typically 1 to 3 deckhands and a captain. Some charter boats may also have a fishing guide on board. The crew must work as a team and complete all sorts of boat duties to ensure everything goes smoothly…

  • Boat prep
  • Serve food and drinks
  • Go fishing
  • Clean fish
  • Entertain guests

It’s certainly a fun job and if you like fishing, it’s definitely the gig for you. Nothing will get the adrenaline pumping like having a massive halibut on the end of the line or watching a client fight and land a giant salmon. At the end of the day, you’ll make $50 to $150 plus tips.

Alaska is a place where the fishing is magical, the scenery is amazing, and like any job in Alaska, working on a charter fishing boat will make you want to return to Alaska next summer.

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