Jobs on Alaska Floating Fish & Seafood Processors

Over 25 floating processors, or offshore processors, operate in the waters of Alaska. They set up shop in the tranquil bays of the most active fisheries and work with the fishing boats to increase the efficiency of the industry. Every season, each floating processor employs about 100+ people to process salmon, crabs, black cod, halibut, pollock, and herring. There is always demand for people, like you, to live and work on these boats.

Don’t get confused. Just because you work on a boat doesn’t mean you get to go fishing. Jobs on floating processors are all about processing the fish that are already caught. Fishing boats catch the fish and bring them to the floating processor. The processor buys the fish and then guts, cleans, sorts, and freezes them so they can later be transported to shore and shipped worldwide.

Tour of an Alaskan Floating Processor

Floating processors allow fishing boats to stay out at sea and actively fish for longer periods of time without returning to shore to unload. They also act as a re-supply spot for smaller fishing boats. It’s a beneficial arrangement for all and means that everyone can make more money.

Live and Work on a Processing Vessel in Alaska

Working on a floating processor is quite the experience. Everyone lives and works on the boat, which may be stationed in the Gulf of Alaska, the Bering Sea or a tranquil inlet in Southeast Alaska. During peak seasons, it operates 24 hours a day and provides employees with 4 meals a day and a place to sleep. There is nowhere to spend money, so it is easy to save. Most jobs earn $10.85 to $18 per hour and call for 16-hour shifts. Overtime pay is paid for any hours worked over eight hours in a day or 40 hours in a week. Overtime is paid at time and a half. So if your base pay is $12/hr. then you would be paid $18/hr. for your overtime hours.

A sixteen-hour workday at this $12/hr. pay rate would gross a worker $240 for the day. With overtime, it is possible to pull in over $1,500+ per week during peak season.

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A floating processor is totally self-sufficient and may stay anchored near popular fishing zones until the storage holds are full of frozen fish. This can be weeks or months at a time. It also means that there are lots of jobs available, such as…

Floating Processor anchored in bay in Alaska processing salmon for the fishing fleet photo

  • Tender Boat Deckhands – travel between fishing boats and floating processor
  • Production Line Foreman – watch over processing
  • Quality Controller – ensures quality products
  • Entry Level gigs – slimers, processors, roe sorters, freezer crew
  • Cook Staff – cooks for the crew

Jobs on floating processors can be tedious but are not very difficult. The paychecks will make you smile. It’s very cool to see what your seafood goes through before it reaches your dinner plate.

If you want to earn your sea legs and you have a strong work ethic, then apply for a job on a floating processor. It will be a summer experience that you’ll never forget. It’s a great place to start your Alaskan adventure.

Alaska Floating Processor Jobs

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