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As a member of AlaskaJobFinder you will learn how to get a job from real experts in the industry. Alaska Salmon Purse Seiner Deckhand Pulling in Fishing Net PhotoOur editorial staff are continually interviewing dozens of professionals, including deckhands,seafood processors, employer hiring managers, lodge workers, and others. Each of our carefully selected experts share dozens of job hunting tips and explain what the work in Alaska is really like.

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  • Purse Seining for Herring in Alaska
    Exclusive AlaskaJobFinder interview with a purse seining skiffman on a herring purse seining boat in Alaska.
  • Greenhorn Deckhand Jobs on a Purse Seiner
    This Q&A interview covers what it’s like to work as a greenhorn on a purse seiner in Alaska.
  • Deckboss Jobs in Alaska
    Brian has worked in the Alaska seafood industry for over 20 years. Learn about his job as a deckboss.
  • Sierra Anderson Describes the Commercial Fishing Lifestyle
    The commercial fishing industry isn’t just for men! Sierra has been rockin’ it on a purse seiner for years. She explains the work and the fishing life in great detail.
  • Alaska King Crab Boats
    A crabbing deckhand recounts his experience as a bait boy & life aboard a crab vessel.
  • Setnet Crew Jobs
    Shore-based setnet operations need crews every summer. One worker talks about the experience she had in Kodiak.
  • Copper River Fishing Boat Jobs
    In this interview you’ll learn about the job responsibilities on a bowpicker fishing the Copper River Flats.
  • Alaska Crab Fishing Jobs for Greenhorns
    It ain’t easy being green! We mean “greenhorn.” A first-timer explains his experience fishing for King Crab.
  • Entry Level Jobs on Alaska Fishing Boats
    Are you thinking about working on a fishing boat? If so, then read the advice in this interview carefully – FIRST.
  • How to Become a Commercial Fisherman in Alaska
    In this exclusive AlaskaJobFinder interview a fisherman with 15 years of experience shares tips for getting hired and surviving the experience!
  • Fishing Boat Deckhand Pay
    You may have heard stories of big bucks made by commercial fishermen and women in Alaska. Yes? In this interview one fisherman talks money and more.
  • Jobs on Alaska Longline Boats
    Many longliners in Alaska fish for Blackcod and Halibut. Learn how longliners operate, how many crew members are needed, and more.
  • Salmon Fishing Jobs in Bristol Bay
    Bristol Bay is the sockeye salmon capital of the world. In this interview you’ll find out what salmon fishing in The Bay is truly like.
  • Jobs for Women on Alaska Fishing Boats
    Women – there’s a place for you in Alaska’s commercial fishing industry. Don’t believe it? Check out this interview for confirmation.
  • Skipper Interview
    The responsibilities of a skipper on a commercial fishing boat are outlined in this interview. Plus, what do skippers look for when preparing to hire new crewmembers? Get the answers here.
  • Deck Boss Interview
    Learn how one fishing industry vet rose through the ranks over a 16 year period. And he offers tons of tips for making the most of the experience at sea.
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