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Because tourism in Alaska is such a big industry the jobs available to employees are many. While our AlaskaJobFinder member’s section has specific information on available jobs related to Alaskan tourism, here we touch briefly on what some of these jobs are and how job seekers can access them.

Each year, summer through winter, tourists pour into Alaska. Even through the cruise ship industry alone, thousands and thousands of tourists are docking and visiting towns and regions accessible through the Alaskan coast.Alaska hiking tour photo During the summer months, when tourism is at its highest, the population in some of these coastal towns booms far beyond what they are normally able to sustain. Thus, workers are in high demand to fill this need in areas pertaining to, and fueled by Alaskan tourism. This is an excellent way to find work that pays well and offers you the opportunity to work in one of the United States most beautiful locations. It also provides excellent segues into other areas of Alaskan tourism that you might be interested in the future. It also provides a way for you to see and experience Alaska while making money in some of the most beautiful towns in the world. It truly is a nature lovers dream and an excellent experience.

Most workers enjoy living in these smaller towns, normally surrounded by more nature and outdoor activities than some of Alaska’s larger cities.

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The Alaska Tourism Business Needs Workers

Most people have the skills to fill some sort of tourism related position in Alaska. Who’s hiring you ask?

Restaurants – Finding work in restaurants is a great way to make a living off of the Alaskan tourism boom. Waiting tables, bartending, cooking, hostessing and managing these jobs are always in demand when normally quiet restaurants and bars are full of tourists. This is especially true in some of the smaller towns that are near popular state and national parks, camping grounds, rivers and other sites that are known to draw people in.

Shops – In the same way restaurants and bars see an influx in people, gift shops and retail stores need employees to deal with the influx of tourists as well. Being a cashier, retail sales person, desk manager for a tour operation company, janitor, working for a supply company or working in a supply store are all ways in which you can find work in Alaska. There simply aren’t enough people living in small Alaska towns to fill all the jobs.

Attractions – Many state and national parks, or small Alaskan towns have popular attractions that draw in tourists – especially off cruise ships. Alaska Tourism Jobs photoThese sites require cashiers, guides, security and photographers during times when tourism is at a high.

Alaska Campgrounds, Lodges, and Hotels – When people visit they need a place to stay and when small places see a huge population boom, they need employees to offer customer service, clean rooms, answer questions, help plan camping trips and excursions, attend luggage, guide hikes, lead activities, provide child care and cook. As such finding a job at a campground, lodge, resort or hotel is an excellent way to procure some employment during the summer.

Museums – Working in a museum is another way to find work in Alaska when cities and small towns need help dealing with a large number of tourists. Being a cashier, working a gift shop, security, food courts, childcare services, museum tours and taking tickets are all possible jobs directly related to tourism in Alaska.

By becoming a member of AlaskaJobFinder you will find out what its like to work in places and in jobs like the ones we just described. What is unique about many of these jobs is that they aren’t as heavily advertised as cruise ship, tour guide or Alaska fishing industry jobs. Yet, they exist in abundance and are a great way to experience Alaska while earning some money. Our Job Center located in the members section has specific job listings for employment opportunities like these, that you won’t be able to find in your local paper, and often not even online. It provides you with the best venue for finding Alaska travel and tourism jobs.

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